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We buy online too ! So we really know how important trust is ! Specially the first time !

That's why you can contact us anytime and ask us to call you back.

We can have a video meeting (on the platform of your choice) so that we can show you the chawans you are interested in and ask us any questions about them.

In this very special time of corona, we have renounced to open our doors but when life will be back to normal, you will be able to come to our gallery and have a tea with us. is a small company created by Stéphane Barbery in july 2020 to help promote the beauty of tea ceremony.

606-8311 京都市左京区吉田神楽岡町 8-202
8-202 Yoshida Kaguraoka-cho Sakyo-Ku Kyoto Japan
Tel : +81 (0)75 761 9530

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Partners displaying some collections

1) 吉田山荘 / カフェ真古館 Yoshida Sanso

〒606-8314 京都市左京区吉田下大路町59-1
59-1 Yoshida Shimo-oji-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8314

TEL (075)771-6125・FAX (075)771-5667